I have been taking part in an annual „Graphic Training Camp“ in Rendsburg/Germany for a number of years with growing interest. It's a great way for finding balance to daily work and a complement at the same time. Some of the following images result from the given tasks there, some are inspired by them, and the remaining are sketches, by-products and examples of what I love to do aside from work.
Monotype technique. Created during one of those "Graphic Training Camp" seminars with some help from guest lecturer Tina Berning, an internationally-known artist and illustrator.
A draft design for a character meant to become a mascot for a company.

In my neighborhood there is an impressive prison building built in 1848. I like doing occasional sketches of it.

Various views of the old prison building

Girl With A Guzzi

Travel Sketching in Deià/Mallorca

Travel Sketching in S'Arraco/Mallorca

Picture series in "Blotted Line"-technique

More "Blotted Line", the car is based on the legendary Jaguar E-Type from "Harold & Maude".

Another character design, a personification of fire hazard.

This resulted from working on an ad for fire-extinguishers.

North Sea impressions. I'm fascinated by these bad-tempered sea-gulls.

I illustrated this poem by German writer Robert Gernhardt with some support by guest lecturer Sabine Wilharm. She is well-known for Harry Potter illustrations published within Germany.

Sketches for another character intended as a company mascot

The Jeep Wagoneer. 
Antecedent of today's Sport Utility Vehicles, but with more style to it. (I'm referring to the faux-wood-paneling!)
Sketch of Münster's main railway station before it was torn down and rebuilt

Sketches for sports-coach-like advertising character

Inspired by regular North Sea visits in the winter time.

Probably North-Sea-inspired as well