A selection of illustrations for a fun-packed children's book about a mischievous fart. You can easily tell which character is the smelly troublemaker.
Illustrations for an adventure story for children which is performed as a sound-added slide show in the Archenhold Astronomical Observatory in Berlin
Apart from the entertaining storyline, kids can learn a lot about astronomy.
One of my own favorites, for a children's book "Paula & Fred"
A further story for children: "Dragon Kijuba And The Little Star". It was presented online in one-picture daily episodes during the Christmas season.
A series of humorous cartoons on How To Survive At Work
Another space story for kids about a shooting star's adventures in space, presented in the Archenhold Astronomical Observatory in Berlin
Yet another book for kids interested in astronomy, geological history and many more scientific aspects
Book illustration for the short story "William And Mary" by Roald Dahl. This was a workshop theme given by our guest lecturer and brilliant German illustrator Kat Menschik.