This is my submission for the New York City „POPS“ logo competition. Of all contestants, more than six hundred from all over the world, I made it to the top five! The first three award winners were New Yorkers, and the other participant who was „notably mentioned“ besides me came from Atlanta, Georgia. That means I’m the only one from outside the USA among the laureates which I am very proud of.

A few examples of calendar motives for "Doppstadt", a German machine manufacturer in the environmental engineering field

Postcard series for the German insurance company "Hamburger Feuerkasse"

Various issues such as how to reduce the risk of housebreaking

Avoiding careless handling with valuable objects

Succesful burglary protection

A small variety of destination images for a (no longer existing) German airline, AirBerlin

"Tattoo-Nightmare", cartoon-style posters for an energy bar "blu:kauu"; I developed the idea, concept and designs.

"Stage Diving Nightmare". Loosely translated it says: "You awake?" – "Now you are."

Poster-size congratulations card felicitating a business anniversary

Poster-size congratulations card felicitating a company affiliation

A tongue-in-cheek campaign for an employee magazine

VW bus model T-1. Commissioned work

Agency pitch for a new opening of a maternity unit within the University Hospital Münster

Logo and advertising motif for bike part supplier (completely done in Illustrator)

Trade magazine cover for VDV-Magazin (Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen)

Christmas cards for various companies

Excerpt from a set of images for "Pan y Arte", a German association dedicated to cultural projects support in Nicaragua

Logo and postcard for an organizer of guided bike tours in Berlin

Image examples of several employee-motivating incentive programs for the German Postbank